My name is Jeff Pak, and I’m an audio engineer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, studio manager of Howl Studio, and the co-founder of Hoplite Media and Red Goat Music.

Like most Chinese kids, I grew up with piano lessons. Encouraged by my parents, I studied with the Royal Conservatory of Music until grade 9. During my high school years, I taught myself how to play the guitar and drums and was a part of various church bands. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music at York University, where I continued to pursue drums. I studied jazz percussion and world rhythms under Dave Grey, Barry Romberg, and Rick Lazar, and performed with the York Percussion Ensemble which was led by John Brownell.

I took some digital music courses at York which made me grow interested with the technological and technical side of things. That prompted me to further my education at Metalworks, earning a diploma in Audio Production and Engineering, learning under Alf Annibalini and Elliott Sairan, just to name a few.

After graduating, I started engineering at Howl Studio and continuously worked to expand my knowledge and skill sets. Two years into working at Howl, I formed Hoplite Media and Red Goat Music with peers from the studio to create one-stop-shop audio and video production companies.

Both companies cater to all sorts of needs that corporations and musicians need. Hoplite Media provide services and features for businesses such as company profiles, aerial footage, animation, commercials, tutorial videos, testimonials, product launch videos, remote shoots, and social media marketing. Likewise, Red Goat Music caters to the needs of musicians, providing services like artist production, video production, and songwriting. Both companies are the perfect inlet for our team to help content makers bring their material to the next level. I'm excited to be a creative outlet, collaborating with different clients and allowing my creativity and versatility to contribute.